Fanfiction Friday

Anyone who knows me also knows that I feel no shame in my love of Fanfiction. That being said, I do have to drudge through some of the worst, most disturbing stories online to find anything decent. On Fridays, I would like to share my pain and disbelief with you by submitting some of the stories I have stumbled across. This will include those with horribly clichéd plots, atrocious grammar, and even those that knowingly created ‘crack’ fiction to entertain us. Welcome to Fanfiction Fridays!


The Darker Knight By Cafe Hoax Zest

Series: Batman Begins/ Dark Knight
Category: Movies
Description: Batman and his cousin fight evil villians in Gotham

When Brucce Waine is accused of murder, he contacts the one person he can trust to help him, his cousin, Betty Waine. Together, Batman and Batcousin team up to fight the evil villans of Gotham City. The only problem is that many of the villans seem to also have evil cousins to call upon too.

The author of this story has admitted to writing this as a trollfic for fun and I applaud his skills. This is a hilariously fun read for anyone with even a basic knowledge of the DC universe. His mix of ridiculous lines, puns, and horrible grammar make it was it is. The best part is that it has random cameos from people like Justin Beiber, Barack Obama, Morgan Freeman, a lightsaber weilding Liam Neeson, and Darth Vader.

Betty Wane had blue eye and brown hairs. she was tall and skinny and war makeup. she looked like Meghan Fox and had boobs the size of melons that had vitemin d milk.

The Battle for the Worlds: Between Worlds, Beyond By HarlowKettering

Series: Sailor Moon / Harry Potter Crossover
A young teen girl is caught up in the ultimate battle for the universe and forced to team up with heroes from other worlds to try and stop the forces of evil!

The story follows a character by the name of Harlow Kettering as she fends of all the sexy men that seem to want to date her while saving the universe, of course. She is constantly accosted by men that are only described by the famous person they look like, including Robert Pattinson, Justin Beiber, Taylor Lautner, and Benicio Del Toro.

Harlow arrives at her school dance, but is suddenly transported to a different realm where she is told that she alone has been chosen to save the universe. All of the worst villans from each world have somehow agreed to work together to take over.

I honestly can’t tell if this is a work of ‘trollfiction’ or not because the grammar is in a strange position between good and bad where it’s possibly fabricated. It’s riddled with run-on sentences and poor structure, but not as many misspelt words as I am use to. Overall, the insane story progression itself is what lands it in Fanfiction Friday.

Draco looked up “You are so smart.” I only LOLed and we began to follow the oil, it smelled like feta cheese.

Child of the Storm By Nimbus Llewelyn

Series: Harry Potter / Avengers Crossover
Category: Crossovers
Description: New Mexico was not the first time Thor had been a mortal. It was only a refinement of the technique. What if James Potter had been Thor, incarnated as a memoryless newborn? On his death, Odin removed his memories as James, due to grief. In Harry’s Third Year, a (mostly) reformed Loki restores them. Harry now has a father, a family and a heritage that is going to change the world.

The description provided by the author pretty much sums up the full idea of the story. The fanfiction begins during the quidditch match in Harry’s third year when he was surrounded by dementors and faints. He sent a wordless cry for help out to the universe as is heard by his uncle, Loki, who runs to Thor. Loki uses his powers to unleash a block that has been placed on Thor to forget his mortal life and son, Harry.

Despite having a strange concept, the story is actually fairly well written and the author has recently ‘overhauled’ the work to refresh it. Along with the Marty Stue style characters, the stories main sin is the lack of direction in the plot. There is hardly any arch to the story, which means the story is just a series of meaningless interactions and hijinks between various characters. That being said, the story is incredibly long. Ridiculously long. A whole 80 chapters and a sequel currently in progress.


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