Anime Matsuri 2017

I just moved out of state for the first time. It was quite a big jump too. All the way from Florida to Texas. I had never even visited Texas before making the big move. Thankfully, Texas has a lot of culture and events to experience – at least in the bigger cities. This helped soothe my homesickness.

I am a big fan of conventions. I attended my first convention when I was two. It was a Star Trek convention somewhere in Gainesville, Fl. My dad is a huge trekkie and my mom decided to use her DIY abilities to create my first cosplay. She molded play doh on my forehead and covered it with darker makeup to make me the most adorable Klingon. The older men and women were so angry when I won 1st place in the costume contest.

This being said, it seemed natural for my fiance and I to seek out the anime conventions within a reasonable driving distance from us. Anime Matsuri is an annual 3-day anime convention held in Houston, Texas every April. This year was their 10 year anniversary, so we happened upon it at the perfect time.

Here are some of the great cosplay I was able to run into in my wanderings:



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